Chosen each time to lead the armed bodies of the various Sikh Misals or Tribes during a crisis, his prowess, piety and leadership, on and. . Walia is short form of Ahluwalia. . View Slideshow.

Ahluwalia dynasty kings

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Meaning of Ahluwalia. Fateh Singh succeeded to the Ahluwalia chiefship in 1801.

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The Ahluwalia Dynasty was founded by Jassa Singh.

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. The Shang dynasty is thought to have lasted from c. The history of Kapurthala is the history of the Ahluwalia Dynasty. Pronunciation of Ahluwalia with 4 audio. . Fateh Singh succeeded to the Ahluwalia. Attended the Coronations of the King-Emperor George V at Westminster Abbey in London 1911, and King-Emperor George VI 1937.

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The term Ahluwalia came into use after the rise of a resident of the Ahlu village (located 11 miles SE of Lahore), Jassa Singh Ahluwalia as a misldar of the Sikh Kingdom of Punjab.

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Deepa Alexander wanders through this sepia-tinted town, once capital of the Ahluwalia dynasty.

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